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Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key & Working Activation Keys

Microsoft Office 2010 Product key: Looking for the Microsoft Office professional plus 2010 product key? Well, we thought we would help you out. Microsoft Office 2010 is perhaps one of the most widely used office productivity suites globally. Of course, there are several other options in use, but the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 has been the most widely used one.

This article is to provide the details regarding the MS Office 2010 Product key and how to use it. The article will let you go through the whereabouts of Microsoft office 2010 Activation key and the ways to get the installation done.

office 2010 product key

Why Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 key?

Well if you are using the trial version of the Microsoft Office 2010, you will need a product key for Office 2010 to activate your copy of the suite. In fact, the Office 2010 key will work as the activator for Office 2010.

If you do not specify a product key for the service, or tool you are using – you will end up with limited features on your copy of MS Office 2010. Also referred to as the software key, the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 key is a specific key unique to a user and is used to unlock the essential and premium features of the software. That should hold true for the MS Office 2010product key as well.

Why Is Office Professional Plus 2010 So Special?

There have been two latest releases in the office productivity suite, viz 2013 and 2016. However, the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 has been one of the best options irrespective of its existence since long.

In spite of the latest versions, the Microsoft Office 2010 is still the hot favorite with most of the users, simply because of the high degree of performance, it tends to provide you.  It does offer a few advanced features and functionalities to make your task simpler enough. In fact, the easy to follow graphical interface is one of the best features you would find on the Office 2010 version.

Here are a few great features that should make it one of the formidable choices –

  • It offers you a few advanced graphics and image editing features
  • You have access to an enhanced paste option for working between different types of content and documents.
  • PowerPoint 2010 offers you a really powerful presentation broadcast option.

What is Microsoft Office 2010 Product key?

The product key is ideally 25 characters long and is needed to activate the features of your Microsoft Office installation. The key looks like this in a grouping of five characters each –

Free Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key 32-bit:

  • YQMQM-9KV3J-97G7V-8CK38-346GW
  • W4D2C-3YK88-KMYP2-2QTXY-28CCY

Updated Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Key 64-bit :

  • YQYVG-FR8DB-29J6H-3KBF7-BX286

How would you find the Office 2010 key? Well, it would be dependent upon how you installed your copy of Microsoft office. In many cases, it may come pre-installed on your device.

How to Activate MS Office Professional 2010 with Product Key?

There are different ways to activate your copy of Microsoft Office. You should either be able to activate it through the Internet or even through telephone. Both the methods are valid, and you should not have issues with the activation of your copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

The option to activate Microsoft Office using MS Office 2010 product key through the internet should be the best option you would want to go with. As long as you have a proper and working internet connection, you should not have any issues in handling the activation of your copy. The activation wizard just checks the genuineness of the Microsoft Office 2010 product key, and if everything is perfect, the wizard activates the key.

You can even op for the telephonic mode of the activation, but it can be a little complicated. Just make sure that you are using a genuine MS office 2010 key for activating your copy of the software suite. Just ensure that you are installing the right option as the keys may be different for the 32 bit and 64-bit options.

Microsoft Office 2010 license key (STD.)

  • PTD4T-F6MTH-B7G7Q-2QCX2-6Y829

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