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Vodafone Customer Care Number & All States Toll Free Number (24×7)

Vodafone Customer Care Number: Vodafone is one of the telecom giants in India and it provides various services to its customers like Prepaid sim card, Postpaid sim card. It is also internet provider with 2G, 3G, 4G and broadband services. Vodafone customer base is huge and can be counted in crores.

With such a high volume of customers and range of services, it is obvious that customers will face issues or have queries and they need to contact Vodafone Customer care for their issues. Here on we will share the complete list of Vodafone customer care number for all the services.

Vodafone Customer Care Number

List of services for which Vodafone Customer care number can be contacted

  • Inquiry of Prepaid balance
  • Inquiry of Postpaid bill
  • Prepaid plans for talk time, Roaming, 2G,3G,4G
  • Postpaid plans
  • Change of postpaid plans
  • Technical problems
  • Reversal of balance
  • Caller Tunes

And the list goes on for the services. As you can see the list of services is huge so there are separate customer care numbers for Prepaid, Postpaid, Broadband and then subdivided according to regions. It almost becomes impossible to remember so many numbers and thus customer problem is not resolved. Here we will share your list of customer care numbers region wise as well as city wise.

Vodafone Toll Free Number:

Vodafone toll free number for the services is 198 and it will not incur any charges. You can call from your Vodafone sim to this number and get your queries clarified

Vodafone Customer Care E-mail id:

Vodafone customer care E-mail id is [email protected] You can expect a response from Vodafone customer care within 24 hours.

Vodafone Customer Care Number Region Wise:

If you are a Vodafone customer then you will be tagged to one of the below mentioned regions and complete details will be present with customer care of the specific region. Hence we have shared the customer care number of Vodafone region wise.

Customer Care Numbers Region
9885098850 Andhra Pradesh
9884098840 Chennai
9846098460 Kerala
9886098860 Karnataka
9706097060 Assam
9709097090 Jharkhand
9709097090 Bihar/Jharkhand
9811098110 Delhi NCR
9825098250 Gujarat
9813098130 Haryana
9796097960 Jammu
9736097360 Himachal Pradesh
9713097130 Madhya Pradesh
9774097740 North East
9830098300 Kolkata
9713097130 Chattisgarh
9823098230/9923399233 Maharashtra (cities except for Mumbai)
9828098280 Rajasthan
9820098200 Mumbai
9823098230/9923399233 Goa
9843098430 Tamil Nadu
9776097760 Orissa
9888098880 Punjab
9732097320 West Bengal
9839098390 East Uttar Pradesh
9719097190 West Uttar Pradesh

Vodafone Customer Care Number City Wise:

In their extended support to customers, Vodafone has provided dedicated numbers for major cities across India.If you belong to one of the cities mentioned below then you contact Vodafone Customer care number as below numbers.

City Name Vodafone Customer Care Number
Agra 9719097190
Amritsar 9888098880
Ahmedabad 9825098250
Aligarh 9839098390
Ahmednagar 9923399233 (Prepaid), 9823098230 (Postpaid)
Amravati 9923399233 (Prepaid), 9823098230 (Postpaid)
Allahabad 9839098390
Ambernath 9890098900
Bellary 9845098450
Belgaum 9843098430
Bhiwandi 9923399233 (Prepaid), 9823098230 (Postpaid)
Gandhi Nagar 9825098250
Bhubaneswar 9825098250
Coimbatore 9843098430
Chandigarh 9888098880
Chennai 9843098430
Bhopal 9713097130
Cuttack 9776097760
Faridabad 9813098130

Final Verdict:

We have tried our level best to share correct and updated details for Vodafone helpline number. With the above information, any problem related to Vodafone can be resolved. However, if you need some other information you can contact us through the comments section and we will revert shortly on the same. You can refer to our other articles for customer care number of most of the service provider companies. Also, you can bookmark our website for latest updates on customer care numbers.

Some FAQ’s About Vodafone Customer Care Numbers

Is there a different Vodafone complaint number?

  • No. Vodafone complaint numbers are the same as the customer care numbers.

Is there a difference between Vodafone service numbers and Vodafone customer care no.

  • No. Voda Customer Care numbers are the same as Vodafone Customer service numbers.

Is there a different customer care number for Vodafone postpaid numbers?

  • No. Vodafone Postpaid customer care numbers are the same as the numbers mentioned above.
  • Hope these Vodafone Customer Care Numbers were helpful!

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