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Windows 8.1 Product Key and Activation Guide [Latest Working]

Windows 8.1 Product Key: Microsoft has always managed to cater to the needs of its users. From paying attention to their requirements from the latest software to making necessary modifications in the latest upgrades, the company always makes sure to keep in mind the requirements of the users all across the world. It is for this reason that the company offers updates on its windows from time to time.

The upgraded version of windows always has something new and something more to offer the windows users and in order to avail the benefits of the updated features, you need to have a Windows 8.1 product key.

windows 8.1 product key

About the Windows 8.1 Product Key:

The Windows 8.1 activation key allows the user to gain access to the latest updated version of the windows which is equipped with numerous features for its users. In order to unlock the genuine windows product, you need to have the Windows product key only after which you get access to a plethora of added features and perks from Microsoft. An activation key is a gate to the updated version of Microsoft which allows the users to get access to it. Once you have the key, you can easily unlock the new windows after which you get to explore all the new features that lie enclosed in it.

The key for windows 8.1 takes the users to an altogether different world. The operating system is upgraded, enhanced, better looking and packed with features. What more? It is also more reliable and supportive with reduced chances of frequent errors and bugs. Various bugs that were a part of the Windows 8.0 have also been removed to make it truly trustworthy.

Get Started On Your Windows 8.1 With Activation Key:

Once you have installed the windows 8.1 on your system, you would definitely be needing the product key to open it. The Windows 8.1 pro activation key is basically a 25 character key which is a serial number and can be sourced from various locations. This alphanumeric key can be used to open your operating system and unless you have this, you cannot really use the product. Another thing that is to be noted here is that the key is unique for each user. This is to say that no two users can share the same key and if by mistake it happens, then too you won’t be able to run your operating system.

When it comes to getting the key, there are quite a few options that are available with the person. If you have bought a new PC and have installed windows along with it, you will receive the key that will be printed on a sticker. Apart from that, even if you purchase your system with a dealer who is authorized to do so, you will receive the key from the dealer himself. Besides, you can also get the key if you have purchased the genuine windows 8.1 product online through an email.

Thus, the Windows 8.1 pro product key is the most important part of unlocking the exciting features of the upgraded windows product.

Windows 8.1 Pro Product Keys:






Windows 8.1 Minimum Requirements:

  • RAM: 1 (GB) for 32 bit and 2 GB (64 bit)
  • CPU: 1 (GHz)
  • HDD: 16 GB (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit)
  • VGA: Microsoft DirectX 9

Final Verdict:

By using the windows 8.1 product keys you can easily activate your windows 8.1. Also if you like these and found helpful, please do share this with your friends using social accounts. If you have any queries and suggestions, just send us your message through contact us page or you can simply comment in the below comment section provided. Thank you for visiting Activate codess, keep visiting for more software activation keys and help guides.

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